O < creates healthier environments for better social interaction and the connection with nature. 


Social / Playful / Nature related designs of all scales. Preferably small, honest and not too loud!  

O <  takes on the challenge to design for new generations and and has a special interest in future workspaces,  and designs for non traditional education.


O < uses digital fabrication to produce human centered designs, responsive environments and playful experiences. O <  collaborates with Fab Labs and creative teams for local based production and for demanding projects in need of specialised skills. 


O < educates through innovative practices to empower new generations. It offers practice based workshops on design for local impact. O < encourages learning through traveling and leads educational trips worldwide. 


O <  can offer knowledge and skills to institutions, companies or public entities in need of innovative system designs, digital fabrication Labs initiation, interdisciplinary collaborative practice, architectural solutions. 

O <  creative studio is formed by Olivia out of an eager to experiment, engage and empower with her designs and educational skills. Read more about Olivia here

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